South Sea Dancers
Charlotte North Carolina Hula dancers

SouthSea Dancers

We are Charlotte's only complete family owned and operated Polynesian performance group. Our troupe consists of female hula dancers, a male fire & Knife dancer and Male ukelele player/Singer. We have been performing in charlotte since moving from Hawaii. The South Sea Dancers offer all our customers a full 60 minute floor show with over a dozen dance numbers and multiple costume changes for the price of other groups 15-30 minute shows. We will take you on a tour of Polynesia with stops in Hawaii, Tahiti, NewZealand, Tonga, Fiji and Samoa (with the famous fire & knife dance). We are also the only Charlotte group that performs the female fire torch dance. Our music is created live by Johhny Kai President of the Hawaii Music foundation and recorded specifically for South Sea Dancers, this professional copyright music can only be heard in our show, we do not use generic recorded CD's. When you book us, you book the same floor show that Johhny Kai performs in Hawaii with authentic Polynesian costumes, routines and music

South Sea Hula Dancers